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London, Paris and Barcelona: Part 2: Paris

After spending three amazing days in London, I was off to one of the most famous cities in the world, Paris! The group started the day at Kings Cross Station stopping to see Platform 9 3/4, before boarding the Eurostar to Paris. After the long train ride, we arrived and were off to see the famous Eiffel Tower!  The view from the tower is breathtaking.  If you ever have the chance to stop in Paris, even for a few hours I highly recommend seeing the Eiffel Tower.While there, a music celebration was taking place right along the sienne river, where they’re we’re hundreds of people celebrating with music, food, and dancing. 

On our second day, the group took a walking tour of the city; stopping at a  Shakespeare bookstore that  looked as bough it was pulled right out of Beuty and the Beast.  Notre Dame was next and the architecture was gorgeous.  From the details in the outside sculptures and gargoyles to the stained glass inside. Every in was aesthetically pleasing to see.  Next up was a trip to the Louvre museum!  That place is HUGE and has so many different styles of art to see.  Because of a time crunch myself and the other decided to make a direct route to the famous Mona Lisa, it was surreal to see a painting that I’ve studied in art school up close and personal. 

The day continued into the night and you know what they say, when in Paris you have to try escargot!  It was surprisingly delicious!  I would definitely reconnect at least trying this classic dish while there. Later, everyone checked out a burlesque show right across from Moulin Rouge.  The talent and dancing was incredible, it was such a great experience.

Our last stop was to check out the infamous Versailles.  The mansion was filled with history and art and is a must see for anyone passing through.  Stay tuned for the final stop on the trip: BARCELONA!

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