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Bad Omens at Boston Music Room, London, England

During my 12 day long adventure throughout Europe, I had the privilege to catch Bad Omens play at Boston Music Room in London, England. The venue was small and created a more intimate feeling for the show. Sibling opened up the show with a mix of slow and upbeat songs, getting the crowd ready for the main performance of the night. After their set, the crowd relaxed and prepared for the moment they were all waiting for, Bad Omens to come out. As the lights dimmed and the band members came out one by one, the crowd's cheering became louder and more energized. This was my first time seeing Bad Omens and I can confidently say they did not disappoint. Their energy was high and Noah was always engaging the crowd, pumping them up during every song. It felt as though you were among friends instead of seeing band members that you have never met before. After the set they hung around their merch table meeting and talking to as many fans as possible, which shows how much they value their fans and their support of their music. Bad Omens is a band you do not want to pass up on seeing if given the chance.

#Badomens #band #music #concert #concertphotography #bostonmusicroom #london #badomenstour #england #musicphotography

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