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London, Paris and Barcelona: Part 1-London

Ever since I was about 9 years old, I've dreamed about traveling, especially to London. Fast forward to age 26 and that dream became a reality. I was so excited to see this city and experience the food and culture of the country.

This was an awesome view of he historic parliament mixed with the urban look of the underground entrance. That was something that I loved about the city, the mixture of old and new. Big Ben at night was beautiful:

Aside from the amazing views, I was able to try some great food too! Thai food is rising in popularity in London and this duck stir fry was amazing! The duck was cooked perfectly, and the flavors all tied in together and complemented each other without competing for attention.

From the same restaurant that was a few blocks from the London eye on the river, these mango and fruit smoothies quenched all our thirsts on the hot summer days🌞

For dinner, I explored the area of the city near Big Ben and came across an awesome pub where I was able to try the classic bangers and mash dinner! The sausage and the mashed potatoes were seasoned and delicious! They both paired well with the gravy sauce that was served over it, I would definitely recommend trying this if your in London.

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